Conversation cards for couples who want talking about money to be fun, not a fight.

The biggest cause of stress in relationships is money. Mostly because people don't talk about it before an issue arises over spending – or not spending!  

For couples who value communication, make having THAT conversation fun and learn a load of things about your partner that you never knew ...

... like their dreams for the future, their childhood relationship to money, what gifts they TRULY want for birthdays. 

Share the same things about you and BINGO – cuddles instead of clashes, affection instead of arguments, money harmony instead of money headaches.

What you get for just 9€

  • 32 printable conversation cards (plus the 4 on the cover page!) 
  • 4 different topic categories
  • 8 Wildcards for you to write your own questions


A black and white version for accessibility and to use less printer ink.

"Great idea :) I'm a big fan of couples talking about money - took my wife and I years to get on the same page (and we're not on the same paragraph yet either)" Comment from a financial coach!

Let's talk money, honey€9

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  • Are these cards only for couples?
    You could talk about most of these topics with friends or family and still find it fun and useful to see how different your answers are.

    They'd also be good for B1 and upwards conversation classes if you're an English teacher (and there are some great second conditional questions in there too!)
  • I'm an ESL teacher. Would these cards work in a conversation class?
    Definitely! B1 and upwards. There are some great second conditional questions in there and the cards are organised into past/present/future categories. Plus you can use the Wildcards for learners to write their own questions for each other. NB You might want to remove some of the more personal questions if you're using them in class eg about debt or bank accounts!

    If your learners want to buy their own set of cards to use at home with a partner, please send them back here to buy!