Pension Perfect training
Take the pain out of pensions.

Do you know you need a pension but don't know where to start and don't really want to think about it anyway?

That is a feeling I know well and, even better, I don't just have empathy for you, I have the solution.

Pension Perfect is a short course which will empower you to get a pension open, without stress or confusion. Then you can just forget about it and let it grow. 

That's it – no more pension pain hanging over you, just money growing steadily for your future.

The classic format for this kind of page is for me to show you how my thing – in this case, Pension Perfect – will save you time, effort or money, and preferably all three together.  

But I’m not underestimating how smart you are and giving you that same old flannel. I know that taking this course will take more time and more effort than just continuing to ignore the whole pension thing. 

But I can confidently say this: It’s only going to take you a little bit of time (90 mins tops if you come to the live class and a bit of time afterwards with support, from me, to take action).  

I see you because I WAS you.  

I know that you think sorting out a pension is something that will be like time-quicksand. Once you even skirt near the edge, it will suck you down. 

Days will pass and you’ll still be hunched over your computer screen, reading boring small print, glazed over, but stubbornly refusing to allow yourself Netflix/biscuits/time spent doing something fun until it’s done, willing to agree to ANYTHING just to make it go away again. Ground down, you give up and shelve it for some other year when guilt and niggling fears about the financial future force you to face it one more time.  

This very short course is the time save on that scenario.  

Pension Perfect will also save you confusion, mental block, stress, and the feeling of doing it alone because, hey, look! We’re all here doing it together. 

You could even arrange accountability partners amongst the cohort so you’re always doing it with someone else. 

Will Pension Perfect save you effort? 

Yes and no again. The simplest, least-effort path is, of course, doing nothing. So yes, taking the course means more effort than that as you’re going to do something. 

But, you’ll have to trust me on this, once you understand this stuff it’s not more effort than anything else you do: getting a mortgage, dealing with car insurance, sorting out visas - none of these are zero effort. Pensions are much less effort than any of those. 

And even better, you just sort it out and then basically leave it alone, unlike those other things that have to be renewed or updated. Working out which football after-school club my two kids can go to has been way, way more time-consuming than what you’re about to do on Pension Perfect. 

And for the last one, will Pension Perfect save you money? 

Even better than saving money, Pension Perfect is going to MAKE you money, a LOT of it. 

Yes, OK, it’s money you can’t spend today but think how much more safe and secure you’ll feel knowing you’ve got money building up for the future. 

The return on your 147€ investment will start as soon as you open your pension (which you’ll be confident doing!). 

If you’ve got old pensions, you’ll likely discover during the course that you’re paying costly fees so you’ll save money when you learn how to change them. 

And that will mean you MAKE even more money.  

So, what are you waiting for? 

This price is a one-off opportunity as it’s for the live version of the course. 

After that, I’ll turn it into pure self-study and raise the price, which will still be an excellent return on investment as a pension will start making money for you from day one.

What you'll get for the one-off price of 147€  for the live Pension Perfect training:

  • 1 x 90-minute live online training on SEPT 20, 2023 NOTE the live class has ended but you could still sign up and get access to the recording and the follow up support
  • Follow-up Q & A "office hours" support.
  • Access to the recording of the live class so you don't have to attend live.
  • Lifetime access to Pension Perfect after I turn it into a self-study course (which I will sell for a higher price).

You'll understand everything you need to know about pensions, no matter where you're living and working now. 

You'll not only be able to take concrete actionable steps to get a pension set up, or make changes to existing pensions, you'll be excited about it.

The course will cover:

- What pensions are and how they make money

- How to avoid high fees that eat your returns

- How to combat the challenges of pensions vs nomadic, freelance or low-paid work 

- What to do with old pensions and how to understand what you have

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In the meantime, as the course isn't until Sept 20, ...

... take advantage of the time to talk serious money stuff with your significant other for just 9€

Money is a big cause of arguments because so much goes unsaid and assumed, but you can use these conversation cards to start talking.

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This is me, the profile picture I use on my website,, taken last year in a very old dress from 2000/2001. 

The dress was bought long before I realised pensions mattered, when I thought they were just boring things boring people with boring jobs thought about. 

Not me, international TEFLer without a care in the world and adventures always around the corner. That dress has lived and worked in 7 countries now, and still has the occasional adventure. But it now belongs to someone who has a pension and their finances in order. 

I wish I’d known all this when I bought the dress as I’d have a LOT of money sitting in a pension and investment accounts now. 

But that’s OK, I’m on the right path these days and I’m happy the dress is contributing to what I do now: help people learn all the things no-one teaches us about pensions and investing and how to make money doing (almost) nothing.

What previous students have said

Thanks for kicking me into action and actually making me feel much better about my future. I have started to talk to family and friends openly about this and learnt a lot. Why is it sooo secret!!!

A student on the July course

Last year I received a pension statement and saw how much money the financial advisors were taking from me each month and as there's not a huge amount in my pension, it felt like too much. When I called to question them about how to get rid of this fee they basically told me that my pension provider's system was too complicated for me to understand and I was much better off using their services.  

I may not have a background in finance, but that doesn't mean I can't learn about it and Nicola's course was just the thing. Not only did I learn about how to take control of my pension, I also learned about investing my savings. So that in the future I can be more financially stable than I ever thought possible as an English language teacher.

Jennie Reed, English Language Coach 

  • I’m not from the UK, does it matter?
    The course is designed to be generally applicable and I don’t know everything about every local context. But pensions is a topic that the broad concepts can be applied to specific countries without too much difficulty once you understand it.

    Plus you’ll know the right questions to ask so you know where and what to ask, and, critically, how to avoid high fees that cost you thousands.
  • I’m not sure if I can do it now as I’m busy the day of the course.
    It will be recorded so you can catch up, though attending live will be better as you get to ask questions and that just spurs you onto action more than catching up does. I say this as a frequent course-taker.

    BUT this price will not be the price when I later turn the course into fully self-study so if you buy now you’ll have access to the live (or recording) and also the self-study when I create it for 147€ now rather than the higher price later on. So, buying now is a limited offer and a better deal than waiting.
  • Should I do this or your beginner investing course?
    This course is short and very targeted and goes into detail on pensions specifically that is more in-depth than the chilled investor course. But the chilled investor course teaches you all about investing if you want to choose the products within your pension so you could still do both at some point and benefit a lot from the bigger course. That said, getting a pension sorted out now, this month, is a very manageable task and the sooner you start the better. The chilled investor isn’t running again until Oct 2023 so that is a' head start on earning money for the future if you do Pension Perfect.
  • Do I need this if I’ve done your main investing course?
    In theory, no because you understand the bigger picture about investing and how pensions fit into that and have probably been able to confidently do your own research into the specifics this course covers that the bigger one doesn’t go into.

    BUT if you’ve done that course and still not looked at your old pensions or opened one, then I’d say, do this course to give you the kick up the bum to do that and fill any gaps that have been holding you back. If you feel like you learn nothing new and your bum has not been kicked, I’ll happily refund you the money you’ve paid on this!
  • Is it worth me doing it if I’m over 50?
    Yes, if you’ve got existing pensions, want to know how they work and if they have high fees you could cut down. If you’ve not got a pension at all, you’d be better off doing my bigger course as you would benefit from a range of different kinds of investments and doubling down on certain types of investments.

    Also, make sure you’re paying enough into any state systems you’re entitled to so you get a state pension. If you’re from the UK or have worked there for more than 3 years, contact me if you want info on how to make up your National Insurance contribution as that will entitle you to a UK state pension on top of anything else you might have.
  • Is this course only for people in ELT?
    Anyone would benefit, but TEFL is my background so I know the challenges and situation you’re likely to be in because it’s the same as me! I address those challenges directly in the course but they could also apply to any global nomad, freelancer, or low-paid worker.
  • Aren’t pensions unutterably boring?
    I used to think so! And I wonder if I’d have been persuaded by me if I had seen this course at 25 years old. Maybe not, to be honest, But don’t be like me then! I WISH I’d started a pension then because I’d be sitting pretty on massive growth of my money. No one ever says “I wish I’d waited to start investing.” The younger you are, the more you’ll have and you can set it and forget it. So even if it’s boring, it will be over. That said, I make the course interesting – I have been told so by plenty of people :)
  • I already have a pension. Is there any point doing this course?
    Most of the people who’ve taken my larger course, the chilled investor, and who already had a pension found that they were overpaying in fees for the pension and reducing their pension pot by hundreds to thousands. Once you do Pension Perfect you’ll know what needs to change to do the same. So if your current pension fees are 1% or more, that would be a high fee and you can definitely do better. Pension Perfect will help you get more return on your pension.
  • How does the follow-up What's App support work?
    I'm trialling this for the first time but, loosely, the way it will work is that on a set date, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months after the course, I'll set up a What's app chat with you where you can ask questions and get support setting up your pensions via text or audio message and I'll reply. All the messaging will be carried out within that 1-day period (subject to time zones as, obviously during European night time I'll be asleep!) and. You'll get a fuller explanation of how it works during the live class.